About Antematter

Antematter is what happens when a bunch of tech-savvy nerds and business-minded individuals happen to meet. What excites us the most is when we get to work on digital products built as solutions to some really challenging technological problems. Our inception was on May 1st, 2022 when we commenced our first DeFi project and it is exactly what shapes us today. DeFi & SaaS are our two verticals we’re very good at.

Meet our people

We’re proud of our work. More than that, we’re proud of our team. Early on, we made a decision to hire less frequently but hire quality talent and it has paid dividends. Qualified engineers, superstar designers and reliable leaders…our team is comprehensive.

Soban Raza


An all-rounder; a generalist, Soban graduated Summa Cum Laude in Computer Science. He stepped into the industry as a Full Stack Engineer before plunging into blockchain and it’s derivatives.

Muhammad Rassam

Business Developer

A statistics nerd and data lover, Rassam holds deep fondness for all things entrepreneurship, finance and growth. He started working as a Quant after graduating Magna Cum Laude in Computer Science.

Muhammad Saad


A C++ connoisseur from the get-go, Saad took a wildly different path post-graduation and worked as a Full Stack Engineer. He’s adept at mostly backend technologies as well as low-level systems programming.

Farrukh Ahmed

Full Stack Engineer

Farrukh is our frontend guru and has built some pretty nifty user interfaces for us since Day 1. A master of React, he jumped into the industry as a Software Engineer building UIs for the robotics industry.

M. Hassan Bilal

Full Stack Engineer

A devops wizard who’s dabbled in every technology across a full stack. He’s our “cloud guy” and commenced his career as an AWS Consultant. He’s also a big fan of the blockchain space.

Zeeshan Ali

Product Designer

The most creative among us all is undoubtedly Zeeshan who’s been designing industry-grade digital experiences for quite a while. When he fiddles around with Figma, he leaves us all in awe. He’s a man of aesthetic.

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